Jennifer Klein’s music is nourishment for the heart and soul. A prolific songwriter and composer of transparent life experiences, she creates songs that connect with listeners spanning multiple generations — because her authentic and soulful lyrics reveal everyday life experiences many people have lived through themselves. Having spent most of her childhood living in a communal environment among musicians and artists, Jennifer knew from an early age that singing and songwriting were her life’s passions. Years ago, she released three full-length albums, gaining momentum for her music in Nashville. Fast forward to now and Jennifer is joyfully reenergizing her music career with the release of two albums in 2019, “Lean into Joy” (February) and “Looking for Comfort” (October) led by single, “So Good” (August). As a spiritual woman, wife, mom, businesswoman, and lover of life, Jennifer’s catalogue of songs is sure to resonate with anyone desiring to be nourished with love, joy, and understanding.

Jennifer Klein on John Riley Project Podcast

Listen below or on Apple Podcast here as Jennifer joins John to discuss music, Poway, Synanon and so much more. Jennifer shares about her organic creation process and capturing her emotions in song, and her experience making her first music videos (as shared above and below) and the meaning behind some of her songs. This discuss also dives deep into Jennifer’s childhood story as a member of the Synanon community. Jennifer bravely shares about living in a commune, being exposed to Synanon’s therapy process called “The Game” and her experience as a child in a group that was considered highly controversial. Jennifer discussed having her head shaved as a child and feeling very different around others when outside the commune. In spite of some of the highly charged negative aspects of Synanon, Jennifer shared many positive experiences as a child in the community.

Jennifer Klein Featured in BackStage360

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Jennifer grabbed my heart from the get-go and set the tone for an inspiring evening.

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