Known as a prolific songwriter, throughout her career, Jennifer Klein has released five albums—and currently working toward the next—two of which were released in 2019, “Looking for Comfort” and “Lean into Joy.”

Klein recently released her current single “Illusion” via Kandon Unlimited in June and plans on releasing a few more singles in the coming months.

Klein discusses her inspiration for “Illusion,” the writing process, musical influences, and early years picking up the guitar.

Jennifer Klein joined us to talk music, Poway, Synanon and so much more.

We discussed her organic creation process and capturing her emotions in song.  Jennifer shared her experience making her first music video at her Poway home for her song “Lean into Joy”.  We also learned about her experience making the songs “So Good” about a special relationship, “Waste of Time” about feeling not appreciated, and “Passing You By” about cell phones and her children.

Jennifer also shared the thrill of doing a gig at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. We also discussed many other interesting people and places along with diving deep into Jennifer’s childhood story.

Longtime friends Kathryn Cloward and Jennifer Klein take the stage at The Belly Up.

Jennifer set the tone for an inspiring evening and it was hard to believe this was her first time performing at The Belly Up. As a local artist, this is a dream come true for her! From an early age, Jennifer knew she wanted to be a singer and write music. She taught herself guitar at age 12 but really wanted to focus more on vocals. Her style is pop with a country-ish folk vibe.

Her new album, “Lean into Joy” is out with another album on the way. She performs regularly at an upscale restaurant bar in North County, San Diego.


Jennifer Klein Stuns Us With Her Vocal Ability In Her Recent Album “Lean Into Joy”.

Jennifer Klein aims to create music that speaks to the soul. She bases her songwriting on real-life experiences of everyday life, making her original songs completely captivating as well as relatable. Jennifer spent a large portion of her childhood with musicians and artists in a communal setting. This allowed her to discover her true passion for music and begin developing it along the way. Jennifer released three full-length albums years ago to kick start her musical momentum in Nashville. Her most recent album “Lean into Joy” was released in February of 2019 and is a dive into the heart and soul of Jennifer Klein. It provides a comforting wave of escapism and nourishment for any listener.